State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment & Technology

Staying on top of the field in the world of technology and equipment is an important aspect of what we are at Chiang Mai Dental Clinic Co.,Ltd. We use state-of-the-art dental techniques and equipments that enable us to be more proactive with treatment, offer less invasive procedures when available, and, at times, offer more comfortable

Digital X-rays - our X-ray technology reduces radiation exposure by more than half, produces instant images, and provides more accurate diagnostic results.

Intra-oral cameras - this technology permits our patients to see what their mouth and teeth look like magnified. It is an excellent educational tool for all patients and the enlarged images augment our diagnostic accuracy.

ConeBeam CT X-rays - our newest x-ray machine that can generate 3D images to provide more accurate detail to our dentists for precise dental implant placement and other dental work.



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We have FREE Wi-Fi internet for all guests while waiting for the treatments.

We also have relaxing section where you can use our computer to surf websites and an entertainment for children.